The 6 Most Powerful Crystals for Protection

As a meditation teacher, one question that I get often is, “What can I do to protect myself from toxic people and their energy?” Of course, there are many layers to this one, but crystals are one accessible and beautiful tool that I always like to suggest.

While there are plenty of crystal skeptics out there, I’m someone who believes in these relics of the earth that have been used for centuries. (Fun fact: Roman warriors carried hematite in battle for physical protection, and ancient royal tombs are layered with lapis lazuli for protection in the afterlife.) While they won’t do all the work for you, crystals can help remind you of your intentions to stay positive and shield yourself from negative thought spirals.

Here are six of my favorite crystals to call on for protection from unwanted energies. Read on to learn a little bit more about each one, what it’s good for, and how to use it:

Best protection crystals:
– Clear quartz
– Black tourmaline
– Black obsidian
– Black jade
– Pyrite
– Smithsonite

1. For deflecting negativity: Clear quartz

Clear quartz is one of the most dynamic crystals, and it’s thought to be helpful in both deflecting negativity and attracting positivity. It is also very impressionable, so it’s important to set a clear and direct intention when you’re working with this stone.

How to use it:

Wear it as a necklace or ring to shield yourself from negativity throughout the day. Remember to set a specific intention for how you hope to navigate the world with this crystal in tow.

2. For grounding your space: Black tourmaline

This one is great for creating a more positive living space and work environment. Black tourmaline is a powerful protector stone with the ability to ground a space and clear it of negativity.

How to use it:

To clear negativity from your living space, place black tourmaline by the front door (or in each corner of your home to take it to the next level). If you happen to work in a toxic environment, or with negative people, place a piece of black tourmaline on your desk for a nice layer of energy protection.

3. For attracting positive energy: Black obsidian

Black obsidian carries a calming and positive energy that can help you remember to look on the bright side of things.

How to use it:

For rough days, store black obsidian in a special place where it’s easy to grab and take with you. Or, if you drive a lot and tend to get frustrated by traffic, keep one in your car for peace of mind.

4. For avoiding negative people: Black jade

This crystal can help you tap into your intuition and steer clear of negative people and situations. Sometimes it can be difficult to see where negativity is coming from, but black jade can help you tune in to the root source.

How to use it:

Consider black jade your personal energy guardian, and take it with you when traveling or setting out on new adventures.

5. For a tech detox: Pyrite

Pyrite is a beautiful stone with a gold hue that is thought to help shield you from the harmful effects that technology can have on the mind and body.

How to use it:

Place a small pyrite cube between yourself and your computer as you work. Pyrite’s beautiful coloring can also be a creativity booster so is the perfect crystal to have on your desk when you’re starting a new project.

6. For finding calm: Smithsonite

Smithsonite is a beautiful and soothing stone that can help calm the emotions and connect you to your heart center. It’s relaxing, beautiful, and calming to look at.

How to use it:

Place smithsonite in a special place in your home to send the message of connectivity and unconditional love.

The bottom line:

Whether placed next to your work computer or tucked into your pocket, these six crystals can help protect you from negativity wherever it arises. Don’t forget to cleanse and charge your crystals every once in a while to keep the positivity flowing.