5 Signs from Angels You Should Never Ignore (and Why)

The Angels respect your free will, fn and won’t directly interfere in your life unless asked, or, if your life is in danger before your time. When you ask for guidance, your angels will communicate through your intuitive feelings and a variety of other ways. When you are uncertain about a decision, you can always ask them for a sign to confirm your feelings. Signs from the angels help us feel a direct connection, enhancing our intuition and giving us the confidence to move forward.

There are so many ways the Angels give use signs and many of them are completely unique to the individual person, fn. When the Angels want to get your attention, to warn you or remind you of something important, there are some common ways they get our attention.

1. Ringing in your ears

Ringing type sounds (the tone and variety is different for each person) in your ears are a very common way the Angels reach out to us. The meaning can be for reassurance, letting you know your angels are near and available to comfort and help you. It is also a sign of confirmation, whatever you are saying or thinking at the moment of an intense ringing, where you might even feel some pressure in your ear, is something important. In this case, your angels are asking you to pay attention, you are on the right track with your intuition.

2. The number 11

Numbers are a universal language and the Angels use them to communicate. Repetitive number sequences have a message, depending on the number you are seeing. The number 11 in particular is a sign with multiple meanings, and one the Angels send over and over when they need to get a point across. 11 is an awakening. Your angels are imploring you to “wake up” either spiritually or to a truth you are hesitant to face, but know is true (like a relationship you need to end). 11 is also a reminder to be mindful. Pay attention to your thoughts and words, you are creating your reality.

3. Feathers

Finding a random feather is a clear sign from your guardian angel to have faith. It is a reassurance that all will be well and you are not alone. It’s a reminder to ask your angels for help and guidance and not to struggle alone over a problem.

4. Hawks

A hawk is a symbol of intuition. Angels will send hawks as a sign to follow your instincts because your intuition at the time is absolutely correct; even though your point of view might differ from others. A hawk is a powerful sign to not ignore what you know is right, it is a warning to avoid future problems.

5. Solar Plexus

Sensations. Your Solar Plexus chakra (located a couple inches above your belly button) is very sensitive to energy, it’s why your intuition is also called “gut instincts”. Your angels send sensations to this area to warn you when something is just not quite right. This can feel like nausea, tightening, butterflies,and even slight discomfort. Don’t ignore these feelings, pay attention to what is happening when they occur. For example, if you feel nauseated every time you are around a certain person, that is a sign that something is off and you need to be aware and act accordingly (like avoid being alone with this person).

These 5 signs are important aspects of Angel communication. The more you follow their signs, the stronger your own intuitive senses become, fn. You can always ask your angels for more guidance about any sign, they will bring you the information you need in a manner that is meaningful to you.


I hope I’ve helped you listen more carefully your Angels.

Take care, dear!